Today’s track of the day is this smooth and silky electronic crooner from Melbourne’s Squidgenini. The song abodpts a more distinctly R’n’B style than previous tracks like ‘Alligator’ – ‘Watched By U’ shows another side to the exceptionally talented artist, expanding on her stylistic range. The track is introspective, subdued, and powerful, with atmospheric elements that create a textured and dense soundscape. It also features a spattering of bird samples, something which appeared on ‘Alligator‘.

Squidgenini shed some light on the lyrical content of the song, explaining that “I feel like everything we do is always watched by something higher. Something greater than ‘us’. Even now, we are watched by all the technology we have created for ourselves. We are always being surveilled. But this seems to be how we learn and grow as humans. Life is constant communication and reflection.”

The stunning accompanying video was shot in South West Victoria, and it serves to demonstrate the back and forth between communication and reflection. The dreamy nature of the video compliments the dreamy song nicely, as it depicts a conversation between the varied pieces of the self, under the watchful gaze of nature’s beauty.

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