There’s nothing quite like a beautifully honest revenge song to get you feeling all kinds of angry, delightfully satisfied, with a smidge of heartbreak (only a smidge). The incredible Rya Park captures the essence of all these post-relationship feels and weaves them into a hauntingly poetic narrative in her latest single ‘Billy’, the first track from her upcoming EP.

The Melbourne based singer entwines her soaring Florence and the Machine-esque vocals with intricate guitar phrases and a bad ass bass line, you’ll imagine it being sung in a dark and sultry bar with a cigarette and running mascara – but in a really really cool way. The songstress describes writing the track as a way of moving on –  “a long time had passed when I got to writing the song, but there were still so many unanswered questions and I just wanted to get everything out onto the page and not hold back”. Rya Park definitely encapsulates the essence of a talented old soul, while keeping the song refreshingly relatable. You go girl.

The mystery surrounding the protagonist ‘Billy’ is so palpable. You’ll need to listen to this one a few times over to completely absorb the beautiful delicacy of this track, and also to psychoanalyze exactly what’s happened with Billy. You’ve got a lot to look forward to at her live performances “My live shows are very energetic and dramatic.  My full band is coming on tour with me so fans can definitely expect electrifying guitars, powerful rock beats, soulful harmonies and soaring vocals”, this one is not to be missed. You can see Rya Park perform ‘Billy’ and many more of her tracks live at The Evelyn on Thursday the 9th of November.