A few weeks ago we premiered Orcha, a Melbourne electronic artist with some serious skills on the violin. He’s just dropped his debut EP BODYBOUND and we had a painstakingly hard time choosing just one song off it for Track of the Day today. The entirety of the release is such a texturally gorgeous journey, and it is hard to find an immediate stand out with so much quality on display. That being said, ‘Reckoner’ is a favourite, and is subsequently today’s Track of the Day.

This song is actually a fresh take on Radiohead’s 2007 In Rainbows track but it sounds nothing like it. The song is stripped back to it’s bare bones with ethereal orchestral strings and percussive loops. Canadian vocalist David Martel’s voice is evocative, smooth and dances effortlessly across the strings.

The whole EP is stunning, haunting and dark all at the same time with beautiful, intricate strings and transcendent electronic tones. It’s vibrant and unique and we are filing it under ‘must listen’.

Check out the song below.