The multi-instrumentalist Milan Ring‘s new single ‘Unbounded’ fluctuates between slow, smooth, even a bit jazzy and definitely soulful to exciting, poppy, addictive beats that blend so well together – it leaves you wondering if this could be the new trend of pop music. The slow beginning underlined by a smooth and snazzy piano piece transitions flawlessly into a modern electronic beat married by Milan Ring‘s powerful vocals, creating a harmonious union.

What’s made more impressive is that this single is released independently through her label MXMAY with the tune produced and engineered by the talented artist herself.

Adding to this, her mixtape Venus Fly Trap featured on Spotify – popping up on playlists such as Discover Weekly, Fresh Finds, and The To Do List; and her single RUFLNIT on the aforementioned mixtape has been spun on Triple J.

With so much going for her, she is certainly an artist to be on the lookout for.