CHMBRS invites us into her world with SIA vibes and elements of BANKS, a hero of hers who perfectly evokes an avant-garde, sensual, gritty experience in her sound and visuals– catapulting this fairy tale-esque cohesion of brooding nightmare and hyper real fantasy. CHMBRS adopts the artists’ bass heavy, electronic production mixed with soulful vocals and surrealism in her own debut. The larger than life chorus is reminiscent of SIA song writing techniques complete with rock elements that sieve into a contemporary bubble gum sound like the formula Halsey is utilising to steal masses of YouTube thumbs-ups at the moment.

Other inspirations include Dave Grohl of Food Fighters and Nirvana fame, and earnest pop sensation, Adele for the emotional expression carried in her voice. One thing her favourite artists all have in common is that heart thudding, heavy chested, chart-topping, ear piercing, stadium sound that heralds mainstream appeal all while retaining individuality.

‘Rabbit Hole’ emerged out of a time of writing-block and Aimee‘s frustration with her artistic direction and identity. It definitely seems as if she’s found the light at the end of the tunnel; the way out to the other side.

Aimee adopted the pseudonym CHMBRS as a play on her surname, perhaps a final token of this artistic transformation: a 22-year-old from quaint, coastal Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula turned performer of pop pandemonium.