Soft, tinkling percussion and gentle, bubbly synths float through your headphones, reminiscent of a warm bath or a pilgrimage through a misty mountain range.

Albrecht La’Brooy‘s sound finds strength in smooth contrasts, with aspects of classical music rippling to its sonic surface, blending harmoniously into their electronic and ambient palette. Their technical musical proficiency is of utmost importance to the nature of their craft.

This Melbourne duo is paving their own sound within the saturated market of ambiance and chill-wave currently haunting the internet jungle; incorporating live instrumentation into their shows rather than solely hiding behind the glare of a laptop screen. Something touchingly human and romantic seeps out of their audio voyage, making each listen a visceral and vulnerable experience. Scattered throughout moments in the track are, as the name suggests, memories– hushed voices whisper about love and trust for a temporal moment, intimately tickling our neurons and nostalgic recollections.

The dynamic pair are dropping their EP on the 8th of September, so get your eardrums ready for the lush spells undoubtedly cast by this terrific Melbourne duo.