‘Pack Of Wolves’ by Tuva Finserås sounds like it was written whilst on the run from deep within a Balkan forest somewhere. The song achieves a universe-building sensation with its sonic palette featuring heavy tribal drums, distorted synths, and a touch of psychedelic guitar. The heavy occult, forest-vibes would be incomplete without Tuva Finserås’s shamanic presence.

Her first lyric in the song is the bewitching ‘sneaky smoke, at night it spoke/you are convicted of crimes’ – a line that is drenched in reverb and delay to really aid your belief in talking smoke. Finserås‘ psychedelic blend of electronic sounds and indie folk songwriting is a satisfyingly unique combination. Her sound seems pitched somewhere between the electronic darkness of The Knife and the Kanye-inspired experimentalism of recent Bon Iver. Due to the song’s resolute coldness, it is unsurprising that the singer grew up in Norway, rather than on our own sunny shores. This is certainly a track to listen to late at night.