If you can picture a young man within the clutches of heartbreak, trying to express his deepest emotions in the early hours of a winter morning, then you would be picturing the work of TAPZ and his latest release ‘Murder Murder’. This young musical prodigy has done it again and stunned fans with his beautifully honest ballad ‘Murder Murder’ that was strung together all within the confines of his bedroom. The track premiered on Linda Marigliano‘s Good Nights on Monday night and acts as a poetic open letter to the rawness that is heartbreak, passion and defeated love. Decorated with a gritty driving synthesiser, a chaotic electric guitar, and heart-wrenching lyrics that compare a lost love to “just another murder”, this song may just be the anthem to the most brutal of breakups.

This track comes hot off the tail of his first official release ‘Run Don’t Run’ which saw the artist skyrocket to international recognition, and also follows the huge success of his collaboration with Hermitude on their track ‘The Buzz’ which has amassed over 30 million plays on Spotify alone. The 21-year-old kiwi rapper describes the songwriting process ‘I remember seeing my breath as I recorded the chorus at 6 am, which went to paint the atmosphere of the cold synth driven murderous sound the song embraces’, the cold and dark mental frame that built the song is palpable throughout, and proves the artist is going places. Bringing the track to New York in 2017, to have Joe Pascoe (No Wyld) write the sweeping guitar passage you hear throughout, this song is the heart on TAPZ’ sleeve, and makes him one to keep a close eye on.

The accompanying video clip is an eerie nightmarish physical representation of the mental hell that TAPZ builds within the song. Set within a darkened forest, featuring flaming eyes and men in masks, it’ll have your heart breaking as the rapper chants lyrics “all we built is ruined, they say what makes you breaks you”. TAPZ is currently supporting Australian local BANKS on her national tour, keep up to date with his latest releases here.