The ultimate sassy boy next door/cutie/punk/rapper Simo Soo has dropped straight fire in the form of his latest track ‘Ey Das Me’. It’s the perfect follow up to his last release earlier in 2017 We’ve All Been Tricked Into Thinking This Reality Is Normal & Acceptable, It’s Not… and it’s all things fun, flirtatious, aggressive, and extremely unusual (in a highly addictive way).

Simo Soo in the past has elegantly woven themes of depression, anxiety and isolation into his music, tackling issues of identity in a creatively cathartic way. His newest track seems to take a step in a different direction as the chorus of the song chants ‘where the cutie rappers go, ey das me, where the geniuses go, ey das me’ – You go Simo Soo. Continuing on with his too-cool-for-school aesthetic, ‘Ey Das Me’ is all about self-love, not giving a damn what anything thinks, and letting your inner punk flourish.

Featuring a driving distorted bassline, an arcade game synthesizer, and aggressive over saturated percussion, the track has all the ingredients to keep Simo Soo at the forefront of his genre, and to make this track some of his best work yet. **Keep an ear out for the mention of eating a vegan muffin out of someone’s rear end.

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