Melbourne based producer and drummer Justin Smith aka Sensible J has released his debut “Fire Sign” and it’s truly one of the best hip hop tracks of the year. Featuring Remi and Sampa The Great, darlings of the underground Australian hip hop scene,  this track is an example of the trend of locally grown music with a more international hip hop sound.

Fire Sign” is a constantly surprising and fresh sounding track which would not be out of place on an Anderson Paak album. Underpinned by varied polyrhythmic beats, the track incorporates neo-soul and Afrobeat elements with funk synth melodies. Moving deftly from heavily orchestrated sections to stripped back raps, ‘Fire Sign’ has more to offer with each listen, as there are new sounds and lyrics that emerge from the dense layers.

But above all else, this track has an infectious groove which makes it an absolute must listen.