We’ve covered Miss Blanks in the past here at Speaker TV, and we advised to keep an eye on her. With the release of her new single and frankly incredible video for ‘Clap Clap’ she is proving that she is a force to be reckoned with, and that she is ready to take the hip-hop scene by storm.

‘Clap Clap’ is a club anthem which celebrates overt sexuality and promiscuity. Male hip hop artists can be problematic in the way they sexualise and objectify women – on ‘Clap Clap’ Miss Blanks shifts the narrative and takes control of her sexual identity with something of a role reversal. She empowers women with a sly, knowing wink – “if you’ve got a fat ass, make that ass clap.” The gorgeous black and white video sees her leading around two men on leashes and frolicking with her ladies on a bed.

Australian rappers like Miss Blanks are bringing an international appeal to hip hop out of Australia, and ‘Clap Clap’ serves as a terrific example of this – from the production to her delivery, there is an accessibility to the track that demonstrates how well Miss Blanks‘ music would work on the global stage. Aside from the gender empowerment and body positivity that the song promotes, it is simply an absolute banger that you’re going to want to play on repeat.