Will the bad bitches please move to the front?

Fierce and unapologetic, Brisbane based Fijian hip-hop artist Jesswar has dropped her debut single ‘Savage’ and boy, is it one to remember.

With a beat that’s straight-up filthy (in the best damn way possible) and brutally blunt lyrics that would give Missy Elliot and Nicki Minaj a run for their money – Jesswar is well and truly a voice to listen out for.

As if the track doesn’t gee you up enough, the coinciding video features Jesswar alongside a crew of Brisbane-based badass ladies.

“Being Fijian my people were portrayed as ‘savages’ so using that term was definitely thought out in reclaiming that terminology and more like a war call. I feel confident that I’ve been working hard a for a long time so I wanted to come out with the ferocious nature that has helped me get to this point. Using the word cunt is important too, this is another word I’m reclaiming and embracing. This industry is brutal as a woman so being resilient and tougher than the next dude is necessary to succeed.”

Empowering is an understatement. Check out the clip to ‘Savage’ below:

Jesswar’s EP will be available on Golden Era Records next year.