Today’s track of the day comes from the ever wonderful Milk! Records family. One of their new signees is Hachiku, the brainchild of Anika Ostendorf who will be releasing her self titled debut EP on the label. The first taste of this EP comes in the form of ‘Moon Face.‘ The lovely song is hard to pin down – it doesn’t necessarily fall within the parameters of any one genre. The resulting product is a versatile and engaging piece of music with a distinctive, unique tone and atmosphere.

There is a somber yet positive nature to the track; a laid back bliss underpinned by Anika’s left of field vocal delivery, which has the inflections of a child-like wonderment. Anika describes the sound of Hachiku as “modern opera rock meets princess fairy pop.” The music is perhaps more so modern global bedroom pop. Anika is a student of the world, born in Detroit and raised in Germany, having travelled around the majority of the 50 U.S states, relocating to London and then to Melbourne in her early 20’s. The influences of these places are all in some capacity revealed through the music, and the worldly international nomad energy shines through with stark certainty. As the music is not restricted by the confines of genre, Hachiku is not bound to meeting the trends of any specific part of the world – in this way, it is transcendent of local expectation, allowing it to flourish in a class of its own.

The accompanying video for ‘Moon Face’ is a cute, shambolic and partially trippy affair bursting with colours, movement, shapes, and expression. Check it out below, and follow Hachiku on Facebook here.