Sydney future-pop duo Ginger and the Ghost have just dropped a vivid new single called Kindred Spirits, an ambitious track which brings together notes of eeriness and tranquility.

The single is a culmination of the duo’s rumination on human nature and purpose, reflecting most intensely on the moment of connection between kindred spirits.

More than just a song, this track comes as part of a holistic work of art. Taking control of their work’s creative direction, the duo created the single’s cover collage visuals by hand, directed their own film clip, and hand-made the costumes and props featured in the video.

Set in the vast Australian wilderness, the film clip combines the natural with the surreal, offering an intuitive visual which enhances the experience of the track. The clip plays on motifs like mirrors, the body, and the umbilical cord, evoking an ethereal dance between the natural and the whimsical.

Lead vocalist Missy Gilbert sheds light on the inspiration behind the song, defining it as “a small gift wrapped in lyrics and sound… a music myth made as an imprint for our lineage. The song honours and celebrates the spirit that finds two people – I imagined the moment when they connect. They share an umbilical cord and are birthed at the same time by the spirit allowing them to have that sense of knowing that only they have. They become a mirror image of each other, a reflection of themselves.”

After playing a string of packed-out shows in Europe as well as dropping in at Burning Man in the US, the duo will visit Bulgaria’s Meadows in the Mountains, and Lisbon’s Music Box. Later in the year, they’ll head back home and offer Australian audiences the chance to enter into their sonic dreamscape.

Kindred Spirits is set for release on July 25.

Check out the epic film clip below and the duo’s socials below.