Babyshakes Dillon is not content with making music alone. Full Flower Moon Band, a project she has been working on for some time, are on the precipice of releasing Chinatown, an ambitious concept culminating in a visual album. Babyshakes Dillon‘s knowledge of and passion for video production combined with her meticulous song writing ability and clear understanding of musical form have made this possible.

Outside of Full Flower Moon BandDillon is known for her work as Gabriella Cohen‘s left hand woman on stage and in the studio. The rapid growth of Gabriella Cohen‘s musical career and the subsequent relentless touring perhaps resulted in the Chinatown project being put on the back burner for a time. But seeing this glorious and meta meld of film and audio coming together in ‘Street Love’, the first taste of the visual album, makes the wait well worth it.

The late night, gritty sepia tones of the video compliment the raw nature of the song perfectly. The minimal, grungy and moody instrumentation evokes a rather ominous feeling, something which is equally embodied by the accompanying visuals. Dillon‘s vocals used in this context allows her to express her full range, which is nothing short of spectacular – tonally, there is a dark, rough edge to her delivery, which is both engaging and pleasantly disconcerting. The track is hard to pin down lyrically – in some senses, the words feel like unrelated phrases. But they craft a certain mood, a certain environment, which seems to be the intent of the piece. The video takes some curious side steps. A young man lectures an evidently bored date about his own potential (we’ve all been there, right?) only for his dialogue to take a left turn into alien-invasion territory, perhaps offering a sense of the broader story of Chinatown. This cuts to Dillon in an editing studio reviewing the footage the viewer has just seen, and a shattered fourth wall ensues.

‘Street Love’ is a tantalising glimpse into what is set to be a fascinating release, and though it raises more questions than answers, it is a bold and brash tune delivered with confidence, and accompanied by truly stunning visuals.

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