Melbourne’s indie-electronic charmer Eilish Gilligan was recently compared to Lorde by Triple J. However, this comparison does not necessarily do the unique nature of her voice, and her sound justice. Her new single ‘The Feeling’ demonstrates an off-kilter production style which seamlessly floats between melancholic ambience and upbeat dance rhythms. Eilish‘ has a powerful voice which commands attention – there is a strength to it, complimented by a certain vulnerability which adds weight to the lyrical subject matter dealt with in the track – “I’m on the ground, everyone else flies.” 

There are a lot of interesting elements tucked away within the production of ‘The Feeling’ – manipulated vocal samples, cascading synthesisers reminiscent of rain on a tin roof, claps intercut with snare hits, the occasional organ stab. While ‘The Feeling’ is, on the surface quite a traditional pop song, it is these subtle additions, these interesting and intricate asides within the production, that truly make Eilish Gilligan‘s new single emanate personality. That, and her undeniably memorable voice.

Check out ‘The Feeling’ below.