Eilish Gilligan‘s ‘Creature Of Habit’ is an electronic, not-quite pop, not-quite R&B song that deserves your immediate attention. The Melbourne-based singer and producer has crafted an intensely moving song out of some varied elements. We start with a slow, moody fade-in of little more than synths, electric piano and a kick drum before Gilligan coos her quiet sense of desperation.

Some unexpected major piano chords propel us into the openly sincere chorus, where Gilligan admits she’d “be lying if [she] knew where [she] was going”. The song’s captivating production includes everything from micro-detailed glitches to disembodied voices harmonising with each other before finishing with a dramatic electronic chord-sweep that attacks you from both sides of the stereo field. ‘Creature Of Habit’ is an incredibly impressive song from this upcoming artist, but the ambition of the track suggests great things to come.