This rollicking tune from Adelaide’s Donnarumma stands on uneven footing – yet, this is very much to its merit. In its three and a half minute run time, ‘Love Your Man’ warps and morphs between different stylistic iterations of itself. Beginning purely as a rock number, and then stretching out into other territories while retaining its core progression, ‘Love Your Man’ is aurally arresting simply on account of its sheer variance in tone, while retaining unification. The tasteful use of horns, claps, intriguing  vocal inflections and guitar effects where necessary weave a dense and intricate tapestry. There are theatric, vaudeville elements side by side with elements of free form jazz, big band and reggae.

Donnarumma blur the edges of genre constraints on ‘Love Your Man’ in a truly enthralling way. Frontman Louis Donnarumma has said of the track “(it) travels back to a time where I felt betrayed by my partner. The video shows this toxic relationship where the girl goes insane, kidnaps her partner and tries to kill him.” 

Catch Donnarumma on tour around the country, dates below.


Sat 1 Jul – Grace Emily Hotel (Adelaide)
Fri 7 Jul – Whole Lotta Love (Melbourne)
Thu 13 Jul – Rad Bar (Wollongong)
Fri 14 Jul – The Townie (Sydney)