Set your ears on this powerful debut from Brisbane-based, alt-rock quartet Strangely Enough. From the word go, ‘Change’ authoritatively demands your attention with a wall of sound, gritty and unique in its execution. The track is a perfect marriage of cinematic portions with unbroken distorted guitar riffs, dark synths, seductive vocal delivery and mournful use of vibrato accentuating discernible points of significance.

Showing off with thoughtful song writing, the track gathers in pieces of thematic material in a seamless manner. Lyrically, Olley sings “There is change” throughout the pre-chorus, with each repeat a new instrumental element pops out of the mix as another fades away, closely imitating the sentiment. Airy pads sweep and swirl around, building up with a sense of purpose as if it were the cracking of a code on a safe door – the chorus opening up to reveal a goldmine. Resonant guitars are craftily threaded throughout, bleeding each moment in to the next.

The track is able to subtly create a bridge between the sonic and the visual in the mind of the listener, painting post-apocalyptic sub-plots of hope and hopelessness with surreal textures and a feeling of palpable metamorphosis. The bridge holding the most space for nimble electronic movement and deliverance with delicate kicks, off-kilter percussion and a little room to breathe, with gentle vocal delay hemming the purposeful message home. The Brainchild of the band, Greg Olley says; ‘Change’ is about the feeling that we’re in the process of stepping out of the past and into the future, as bright or as bleak as that may be.”

If you’re lucky enough to be in Brisbane on November 24th – Strangely Enough will be launching their single at the Flamin’ Galah.