As electronic music takes the world by storm, it seems the art of the officially released cover song is dying out – particularly within the beat-heavy genre thats glossed itself all over the mainstream music charts. Sure, there have been a handful of chart-topping remixes over the past couple of years, as well as Triple J‘s ‘Like A Version’, but there are few artists dropping officially recorded cover tracks as their own.

But London born and Australia based pop musician, Dom Youdan, has done just this. As the second single from the artist’s debut EP, he takes on Brandy & Monica‘s R’n’B hit single ‘The Boy is Mine’, which we’re so excited to premiere today.

From the shimmering pseudo-saxaphone intro, the track transforms into a sensible slice of contemporary, beat-ridden pop, only to erupt at the half way point into a soaring upbeat dance song that almost reaches chillwave status. But the real genius here is that Youdan utilises a pitched down vocoder effect throughout the track to substitute for the interchanging vocals of the original track.

You can also catch the track along with lead single ‘Don’t Love Me’, on Youdan’s debut EP Tigerlily, which is set to drop in October. 

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