If your soul is thirsty for some easy listening that’s all things warm, peaceful, and uplifting, then do we have the song for you. Animal Ventura has dazzled and seduced us with his latest track ‘Animal’ from his debut album Forrest St. Also known as Fernando Aragones, Animal Ventura is a creative project that stems from the desire to fluidly weave a background of acoustic solo performance, into a group or live band context. The Brazilian born artist effortlessly combines elements of jazz, folk, and South American funk and has toured with the likes of Australian powerhouses The PresetsArt Vs. Science, and Uncle Jed.

Animal Ventura describes the songwriting process “I remember writing this one during a time where I was pondering a lot about the idea of us, as human species, being no different from any other animal, how we bleed, grieve, love and fear the same way. I’ve tried to blend that idea (of what it sounds like) within a complicated relationship trying to make amends”. The track boasts a warm and dreamy soundscape, Aragones’ vocals gently woven around the horn section and a fluctuating bassline. Be sure to listen to this one with your eyes closed under the warm summer sun.

The release of Animal comes as Animal Ventura prepares to embark on The Beautiful Girls‘ 15th-anniversary tour, check out tour dates below and grab tickets here.