Albrecht La’Brooy are something of an enigma on the Melbourne electronic music scene. In a landscape where many performers utilise only their laptop’s and CDJ’s, Albrecht La’Brooy are gear purists, incorporating live instrumentation into their sets. This offers a truly tactile and visceral nature to their performance, which makes it all the more enthralling.

Their execution of their material separates them from the throng, as does the unique nature of this material. There is an almost meditative quality to their work, a sweeping, lush beauty which runs as an undercurrent through their tracks, and has come to define their sound. Although one can still dance their heart out to an Albrecht La’Brooy set, they can also simply let it wash over them in all of its analogue goodness. Perhaps their recent performance at Pitch Music & Arts Festival exemplifies this fact – the duo performed an early set, and the revellers who experienced it did so in numerous ways. Some lay on the ground soaking the music in, while others stood transfixed, sat with their eyes closed, danced or swayed. Albrecht La’Brooy‘s music stands in a league of its own, in that it can be consumed in such a multitude of ways.

Albrecht La’Brooy are trained musicians, and this deep-rooted understanding of musical form surely contributes to the compositional nature of their work. This is reflected in no uncertain way in the opening phrases of [ATR001] – Sydney Radio – B1. A beautiful audio landscape is constructed from piano keys and wide, warm synths, which is complimented by rising percussion as the track progresses. There are multiple peaks and valleys throughout the recording, and it is full of gorgeous and satisfying moments. At times, it is as though classical music has met low key, ambient house – and the result is a beautiful dichotomy. Utterly marvellous.

There are only 200 copies of [ATR001] – Sydney Radio – B1 available on vinyl, exclusively at Alley Tunes in Hawthorn, Victoria. Check out the Alley Tunes website here, and follow Albrecht La’Brooy on Facebook here.