Sarah Leete recently released her debut single ‘Safe’, and today her debut self titled EP was unveiled to the world.

Leete is an independant country artist on the rise. She grew up on the Central Coast of NSW, and she’s been writing songs and playing guitar since the ripe age of 12. Her EP is a gorgeous example of contemporary country music done right, with a modern twist on a classic sound. To celebrate the release of the phenomenal EP, Leete ran us through each of the tracks featured on the record, how they came to be, and what they mean to her.


This is the debut single and first song on the record. It is written 4-5 years ago and is the oldest song on the record but one of the songs I am most proud of. It’s a song about the reality of a relationship, and acknowledges that it isn’t always smooth sailing, but the secret to making it work is to stick together.

Meet Me In The Middle

This is the newest song on the record, another song drawn from relationship experiences and the importance of compromise.  

What is Love

I love this song. Miranda Lambert is a massive influence of mine and I really used her to inspire the production of ‘What is Love’. This song was written really quickly, nearly all the songs were on this record, but I can distinctly remember being very proud of this one when I was finished.

When It All Comes Down

This is another song that is a couple of years old and made the cut. The funny thing about this one is that the demo version and the record version are very different. When I took this song to Catherine (Britt), she suggested we change up the structure a little, and we actually dropped the original chorus, where the line ‘When it all comes down’ is drawn from.

My Happiness Is Misery

This is my favourite song on the record. I still can’t believe how great the production turned out, I am so proud of it. This is a very personal song to me as it is a song about battling depression, and is inspired by my own experiences and also after watching Melody Pool’s Australian Story. I have intentionally personified the disease to both make it relate-able to the audience and also to express the severity and realness of the feelings and issues that are faced when confronting mental illness.

No stranger to the stage, Sarah has recently opened for Australia’s country music darling Fanny Lumsden during her famous Country Halls tour in Mullaley, and also recently supported Bill Chambers. You can catch Sarah Leete on any of the following dates in NSW, with more dates to be announced in the near future.

Saturday Nov 4th – EP Launch – Baan Baa Hall, Baan Baa NSW

Friday Nov 10th – The Fox Den, Gloucester NSW 

Saturday Nov 18th – EP Launch – The Art House, Wyong NSW

Friday Nov 24th – EP Launch – Sunset Studios, Newcastle NSW

Saturday Nov 25th – Country at The Camp Festival – Branxton NSW

Friday Dec 1st – Two Goats and Baa, Armidale NSW

Friday Dec 8th –  Flow Bar, Old Bar NSW