Thrupence‘s new track, which just debuted on JJJ, is a beautiful and colourful, swirling and slow-burning hypnotic number. ‘Conversations’ which features Edward Vanzet tackling vocal duties is full of moving melodies, chord progressions and instrumentation. Edward Vanzet whose delivery is impeccable and goose-bump inducing, has said this of the lyrical content of ‘Conversations’; “it touches on themes of depression, psychosis and lonenliness. Writing the lyrics was pretty cathartic, having experienced this first hand and seeing it cause the demise of friends, acquaintances and strangers in my life.” These heavy themes play well into the structure of the song, which is bathed in ominous and emotionally wrenching tones.

Thrupence is a trained multi-instrumentalist. This clearly influences the nature of his music, which is complex and intriguing in terms of its arrangements. His debut album is set to drop on the 21st of April via Future Classic. Entitled Ideas of Aesthetics, Thrupence has said that his debut record “is a collection of songs made over the last six year. It has become a diary of places I’ve lived and people I’ve met over this time.” 

Preorder Ideas of Aesthetics here.