Rowdy, energetic and vibe-heavy. This is the sole way to describe the experience that this humble reviewer experienced at The Delta Riggs gig at Wollongong. Though the room was populated by a modest turnout, it was not short of energy.

Amidst the chaos of the hyenas screeching for more was the master of crowd control and performance, Elliot Hammond. Hammond is a powerhouse that could make a nursery rhyme sound cooler than anything else out there. Hammond’s ability to keep cool whilst maintaining a sense of dominance over such a crowd was truly a sign of greatness from this ever-growing band.

Both support acts were more than capable of holding their own, keeping punters more than entertained during their brief support slots. Incredible in their own right, The Vanns performed a rendition of INXS’ classic ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ with much bravado and sincerity. For a support act, The Vanns did incredibly well with their ability to excite and engage a crowd. By the end of their set, the crowd was in the palm of their hands. It’s clear to see that great things are going to come from this band in the future. The performance provided by Gideon was tight on all aspects, though the mixing of the band’s ensemble let him down in some instances. The vocals for Gideon at some points simply did not come out clearly and this did hinder his performance somewhat. In saying this, his style of performance was a welcome variation of the night and it was great to see that this former member of The Preatures holding his own.

By the time that The Delta Riggs arrived on stage, it was clear to see that the crowd was more than ready for what they had to offer. Though the acts were running behind schedule, resulting in the main act coming on at 10:30, The Delta Riggs appearance was well worth the wait. The outfit incorporated a stellar blend of songs from the latest release along with some classics from The Delta Riggs back catalogue. The set list also featured some rarities such as the genre-mashing ‘D.E.LT.A Jam.’ By opening with ‘The Baddest Motherfucker In The Beehive’, the tone of the night had been well and truly set. With this funky riff taking over the venue, The Delta Riggs elevated the room and took them to the next level. By playing a lot of material from their latest release Active Galactic, the band introduced these new tracks in the best way possible. With precision and control emerging from everybody within the band, the set proved to be a memorable one for any concert goer With top-notch tunes such as ‘Sunny’ and ‘Bobby’s Flowers’ being performed with enough vitality to make any performer jealous, those at the Unibar were witnessing a band in their prime and it was glorious.

The best moment of the night had to have been the moment in which ‘Never Seen This Before’ was played. The second the sounds of this catchy tune travelled across the room, every member in the cosy Unibar space was simply alive. There was not a single foot stuck to that floor. When reflecting on the performances and the vibe that came with the night and it becomes clear to see that this was a night that will be remembered for quite some time.

Despite the adversities facing the band on stage that night (one examples being peoples temporarily seizing the stage), the group shrugged them off with ease and coolness, a testament to their nature. It must be said, the rapport established between The Delta Riggs and the audience was truly fascinating. With special collaborations and releases coming from The Delta Riggs and Gideon and other rare tracks being featured throughout the set, it was clear that the Wollongong live music tragic were witnessing something incredibly special.