Melbourne based songwriter Little Wise is back with a new video for her single ‘Want It All’. Filled with nostalgic clips of her childhood along with the whole fuzzy 90s camcorder filter, it’s a particularly sweet and personal project.

The clip features Little Wise in her childhood days along with her family and friends- through her happy times and her sad times. A touching and honest look into the artist’s personal life whilst her soulful voice fills the home videos with her grown up personal touch.

The song itself features a slow start  but slowly rises  as Little Wise‘s voice takes a momentum, the drums and guitar rising along with her powerful vocals. ‘Want It All’ is an aptly named single that expresses the personal dreams of a young girl.

Working with filmmaker Agostino Soldati, they’ve incorporated some behind the scenes footage to share with her fans who deserves a special mention as well. Currently, she is holding a Pozible Crowd-Funding project with a goal for 10k in 49 days to supplement the funding from Creative Victoria for the recording and release of the new album. It’s a teamwork that involves a lot of love from all sides.

If you want a bit more of Little Wise, be on a lookout for her album.