Camping festivals are much often on the higher end of the price spectrum and people like students and low income earners may struggle to make ends meet in order to attend them. It’s often the case that you either decide to blow your cash on such a luxury or have enough money to eat and pay the bills.

In an effort to support those on low incomes and make the festival as accessible as can be, Strawberry Fields have announced a new ‘Low Income Ticket Program’ for punters wanting to attend the gig but may otherwise not be able to afford the high costs.

It’s a pretty fair game system. If you are eligible for the program, you can simply fill out an application form through the festival and, if successful, receive tickets at a much lower price.

Things such as employment status, whether the applicant is currently studying, whether they are receiving government benefits or concession (such as Centrelink) and weekly income are all factored in to determine whether or not you’re eligible to apply.

Tickets to the festival can cost upwards of $250 without factoring in additional camping costs such as travel, camping gear, fuel and food – it can be leave quite a hefty dint in the pocket. With the new program in place, successful applicants can purchase tickets for $165+bf, giving fans more leeway to spend on other necessities for the event.

Strawberry Fields will release a total of 500 Low Income tickets and applications open on Wednesday 1 March until the 29th of March.

What’s the catch?

Of course, as with anything, there are some restrictions to such a sweet deal. Punters can only make one application per person – no group or couple applications allowed – and tickets are strictly registered under the applicant’s name. This meaning tickets must be picked up by the applicant with full ID and proof of concession. Tickets are also 100% non-transferable.

Given the pricey nature of camping festivals, it’s a great opportunity for music fans to take advantage of the offer.

Road trip, anyone?