Just as our city is beginning to turn to ice, as we unanimously retreat indoors, wince in pain at our Uber Eats receipt history, and finish the last episodes of our favourite shows (Game Of Thrones, Dead To Me, Killing Eve, take your pick really) we’re offered a flicker of hope. A light at the end of the tunnel, if you will. A life raft to cling onto as we battle within the clutches of Winter’s brute force. I’m talking of course about the news that Bremen artist Stephan Bodzin, is returning to Melbourne, to play a show in a newly unveiled multi-level warehouse arena. Yep. I know.

He’s our favorite bald head and glasses combo (coming in at a close second we have Stanley Tucci‘s iconic character in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’), and an artist who is considered one of the most highly respected, forward-thinking, live electronic artists of our generation. Having recently played at the internationally recognized music festival metropolis Coachella, as well as donning the title of DJ Awards’ Best Live Electronic Artist, he also runs his own critically acclaimed label Herzblut Recordings.

Last time he was here, he went head to head with an almost apocalyptic Bureau of Meteorology weather forecast to conjure this magic:

And need I remind you, this occurred right after he performed amidst this visual spectacle:

In conclusion, the man controls the sky and can conjure magic. Therefore, one can only conclude his upcoming return will be no exception – a supernatural visual feast is certainly guaranteed. And although the event held on Thu 26th September (don’t worry kids, Friday will be a public holiday), Stephan Bodzin won’t be on the beach or in the cloud, but he WILL be inside a huge multi-level warehouse arena recently unveiled by the iconic Melbourne spearhead Novel, the team responsible for Pitch Music & Arts, Let Them Eat Cake and B3).

Stephan Bodzin + a huge warehouse arena + followed by a 3 day weekend? Sign me up. You can be sure as shit it’s going to be a visual and sonic delight, with enough excitement to defrost your toes this brutal winter. Check out the details here.