SOHN has taken 2017 by the horns and delivered a brand new single, ‘Hard Liquor’ with accompanying video. If that wasn’t enough his sophomore album is set for release on January 13th via 4AD/Remote Control Records.

If you’re looking for a bold soulful track that almost has a gospel feel to it, then SOHN has you covered. The accompanying clip on the first watch has a Fight Club feel to it especially with the twist at the end. Jovan Todorovic created the video and it was shot in Belgrade, Serbia.

Todorovic on the piece:
“In the end we face our own self, and we are led to dive deeper within. To me the video is very meaningful on a personal level, but I tried to paint it in such a way so everyone could potentially reflect on themselves.”

SOHN – Rennen is out Friday 13th January 2017 via 4AD/Remote Control Records.