FERLA – Wasted On You

‘Wasted On You’ is the newest offering by Giuliano Ferla aka FERLA who charms his listeners with sad synth pop anthems. This song perfectly encapsulates the mix of hope and melancholy at the end of a failed relationship, the multilayered lyrics mimicing the reassurances of friends who tell him that he was too good for his ex-honey anyway. But with FERLA‘s sound and look which mixes disco fabulous with self-conscious dagginess, they are probably right. Watch out for his hilariously titled double EP Guilt Pop/Stay Posi out on Our Golden Friend, May 26.


IV League – Sylvia

Hold on to the final death throes of summer with this soaring indie pop anthem, ‘Sylvia’ by IV League. ‘Sylvia’ has a nostalgic and progressive feel which is reminiscent of stinking hot car trips, mates and ice creams from the servo. With their catchy songwriting and fantastic live performances, no wonder they were booked to support Ali Barter’s national tour. Keep one eye on these lovelies and consider attending their Melbourne single launch on Saturday 22nd April at Yah Yahs

Yollks – Substance

It is unbelievable that ‘Substance’ is only Elle Tayla’s second song under the moniker Yollks. ‘Substance’ is a dynamic track which begins with the well crafted minimal electronic velvet that has become synonymous with the Australian music landscape. Yet as the track progresses the understated vocals are elevated by swelling dark synths and almost hip hop-esque bass beats. Such a strong introduction can only lead to great things, so check it out below. 

department. – Fallout

department. are exactly the kind of high energy punk band that makes you want to smile while sinking tins and not noticing that your shoes are stuck to the bars sticky carpet. ‘Fallout’ is 2 minutes and 23 seconds of driving drums, guitar noise and shout along lyrics about nuclear disaster. Also better than the song itself is the music video which mixes home video with archival footage and seems to make some kind of loose comparison between millennial substance-using musicians and post apocalyptic zombies? We don’t know, but make up your own minds below.

September 87 – Bad Dream Baby 

If you don’t like having nostalgic fun, then you probably shouldn’t listen to this song. If however you love nostalgic fun as we do, then this should be right up your alley. The video alone is just such a great time – there’s a cool alien producer and a robot in the studio. Taking the 80’s pastiche of Client Liaison and then bumping it up a level for good measure, ‘Bad Dream Baby’ is full of reverb drenched snares and vocals, washed out synthesisers, guitar solos and punchy bass lines. Think glamorous, big, and doused in fun.

Diger Rokwell – We Can Ride

Ash Hosken is a Perth based genre bender who performs as Diger Rokwell and has been pumping out tracks on Bandcamp since 2010, with ‘We Can Ride’ being  his latest offering. ‘We Can Ride’ is disappointingly short, but the tag “galactic boogie groove” could not be more accurate with it’s 4/4 house beats and spacey vocals and synths. These 2 minutes 32 will certainly leave you tempted for more.