Garage rock gone through the blender and spat back out, doused in girl power gasoline – Melbourne duo Shrimpwitch’s debut EP channels their inner grit with Eggs Eggs Eggs, due to drop on May 5th.

The four-track debut is chaotic from start to end. With outlandish vocals and distorted tones, the duo transports us back to the riot grrrl days of Burkini Kill and The Runaways.

Kicking off with ‘Smokey Business’, the EP is a fully-charged battering ram. Raw, screeching vocals and drum beats in varying time signatures introduce us to the essence of Eggs Eggs Eggs.

‘Minimum Chips’ continues with the throwback vibes of old-school punk rock while ‘Lust For A Kick’ trades in the speed for a more archetypal progression of melody and the woeful vocals of Georgi Goonsack float around your mind, “I’ll drink ‘till I fall apart”.

Back to the fuzz and distortion, ‘Egg Paranoia’ drives the EP to a close with as much chaos as it began with.

Eggs Eggs Eggs is sarcastic and relentless in the punkiest form. An EP that makes you want to jump about and fling your head around no matter how bad the whiplash gets. The throwaway vibes of Shrimpwitch shine through over  four-tracks that ooze attitude and frantic goodness. There is an element of humour here, served with a knowing wink and a flamboyant, fun energy which is often missing from local groups that take themselves all too seriously. Shrimpwitch find themselves on a playing field of their own design, and offer a truly unique musical concoction on Eggs Eggs Eggs.

Vibrant, fast, clever and simply so enjoyable – do yourself a favour and let Shrimpwitch take you away for a glorious fifteen minutes of passionate fun.

Shrimpwitch will celebrate the EP launch on June 3rd at Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood.

Pre-order the EP here.