After giving us the best Christmas present ever by making their latest record, Run The Jewels 3, available for download three weeks early, RTJ are back with MORE. To celebrate the physical release of the record, Run The Jewels have announced ARTJ, an “Augmented Reality-based platform.” Run The Jewels have always been known for their love of all things art, music, and technology. Wanting to connect and celebrate with their fans in a new way, some posters will be popping up in Australia for you to interact with.

The posters have been enabled for AR and unlock customised RTJ content on the users phone when pointed at the image.

The app is developed by mobile app company Experture and features original content from RTJ visual allies Tim SaccentiHector Arias, & Nick Gazin. Check out the sweet demo video below, and download the app here. Physical copies of the record are available to buy here.