Cross post-punk with indie psychedelia and you end up with, Roya who have just released their new single ‘Scum Rise’Roya are a Brooklyn-based band lead by Iranian-American Rahill Jamalifard as well as being made up of members from multiple bands such as The Clean, Grooms and Angry Angels. Their self-titled album is set to be released on June 2nd and features 11 tracks; 3 of which have already been heard.

‘End Times’ is more of an indie rock tune mixed with some post-punk, but it’s the lyrics which capture the attention. The politically charged track depicts the negative changes which have occurred in the world in the past 100 years, some personal and some universal. It is accompanied by a confronting music video which was in response to “a universal backlash of even more hatred towards different groups of people who were religiously, ethnically, and politically divided.”

 ‘A Sickness’ is a slightly harsher sounding song with more driving punk elements coming through. This song lacks a notable chorus but the lyrics are still masterful from Jamalifard which liken a romantic relationship to an illness… how charming.

The newest single ‘Scum Rise’ is a poetic indie-rock ballad that turns post-punk in the chorus which is quite disappointing. The energy only lifts 3 minutes into the song and it seems to be caught in-between an ambient relaxing song and a driving punk track. It plays with the audiences expectations with a build up that leads to nothing and when it eventually does, doesn’t reward their faith.

Roya is currently playing shows in New York and their progress can be followed on their Facebook page.