Much to many fans’ dismay, 2014 saw Perth’s SAVIOUR disintegrate following their debut release First Light To My Death Bed –  despite their growing popularity and promising capabilities as an up and coming band.

Fast forward to today, frontman and lead vocalist Bryant Best has brought the team back together with a tweak in their lineup. Adding three new members, including vocalist Shontay Snow to the mix as a permanent member, SAVIOUR have rejuvenated their presence in Australia’s heavy music scene.

Since their rebirth, the band have finally dropped their latest album Let Me Leave via UNFD on January 13th.

The album is accurate in its representation of where the band find themselves today. Falling somewhere on the spectrum of melodic hardcore, Let Me Leave exhibits a combination of rough and soft; heavy yet forgiving. The dual vocals of Snow and Best add a layer of juxtaposition to the record, the former sweet and the latter coarse.

From beginning to end, the album is recurrently backed by an addition of strings that, again, heightens the driving emotion behind SAVIOUR’s message and is described by Snow as a “culmination of personal experiences”.

Songs like ‘Pressure and Composure’ reiterate that while ‘The Cool Calm’ is a ballad-like offering by Snow, bringing the tempo of the record down with her soothing voice. Unlike their previous release, this album is a lot more melodious, no doubt inspired by the change in the band’s lineup, and so comparing it to First Light To My Death Bed would be irrelevant.

Laced with grit and raw emotion, Let Me Leave is heartfelt and harmonious in its core – a signature direction that SAVIOUR have paved for themselves. They have risen up from their ashes and this is their submission.