Rach Brennan & The Pines have recently released their heartfelt debut album, Here’s To Better Times & Seeing Better Places. It’s an album that captures the universal experience of coming of age, and the intense highs and lows that accompany this process.

To celebrate this long-awaited release, Speaker TV asked Rach Brennan to share her top 5 favourite debut albums of all time (a hard ask, we know!). Her favourites are below in her own words:

The Lumineers: The Lumineers

This is definitely in my top five favourite albums ever. Lyrically I find this record incredible and effortless, it gets me right in the feels. We have borrowed production elements from this record for Here’s To Better Times & Seeing Better Places and both of our older EP’s, it’s organic and low-fi and warm. Favourite songs would be ‘Morning Song’, ‘Big Parade’ and ‘Classy Girls’, but I seriously love them all!


Meg Mac: Low Blows 

This gal is absolutely incredible. Low Blows is full of such amazing moments that range from epic to harrowing and Meg’s voice is huge. When this album was released I caught her at The Forum and her live performance made me love the album even more. Also, I can’t go past sibling harmonies, family bands are the best.

Father John Misty: Fear Fun

In 2012 I walked into JB-HI-FI and asked one of the guys that worked in the music department to show me something that he liked that I probably wouldn’t have heard. This record blew me away on first listen. Josh Tillman’s lyrics, phrasing and voice are so captivating, and the arrangements and instrumentation are just stunning. I have loved every album he’s released since just as much. 

The Wombats: Proudly Present….A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation

This album is such a banger. We definitely are inspired by these guys in regards to crew vocals and harmonies, they really nail it. I always imagine this album and their second album as one big long party, just go and listen to both today and you are guaranteed to be happy.

Aine Tyrrell: Queen of Swords 

This album made me smile and made me cry, it is as powerful as the woman behind it. Debut albums have such magic to them and I’ve heard so many amazing local debuts, this being one of my favourites. I started playing music when I lived in Ireland as a kid and have such a connection to Irish folk music. Aine’s folk music is so badass and is really for the people, by the people. What a woman. 

Listen to Rach Brennan & The Pines‘ debut album, Here’s To Better Times & Seeing Better Places here.

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