There’s a new rock chick in town, and she’s equal parts talented, passionate, and downright bad-ass. Toni And The Stonehearts new track ‘No Turning Back’ is a powerful debut in the industry and one that’s been a long time coming. The group were ready to kick some serious butt 5 years ago, with an album at completion, a release date, and a plan for world domination. After frontwoman Toni Bird‘s songwriting mentor passed away the group was rocked to the core, and have gone on a journey of recovery and growth since then. Toni reflects on the difficult time “My world crumbled and I just couldn’t bring myself to keep making music without him”. ‘No Turning Back’ acts as the perfect initiation into the music industry, a song that draws on past experiences and coming into one’s own in a powerful and progressive way.

Toni‘s strong and soulful vocals are paired perfectly against a backdrop of sharp electric guitar riffs and heavy drum passages. The peak of the track repeatedly chants “there’s no turning back where I’m going“, you’ll be scream singing this one in the car as you draw parallels to your own life experiences, and feel pangs of pride for Toni and the band who are absolutely kicking goals. There’s no doubt that Toni And The Stoneheart have channelled a lot of heart and soul into this debut release, we are very excited to see what else is in store.