‘Right or Wrong’, the new track from New Zealand based group Tablefox is a swaggering, melodic tune with a hard edge, and expert dynamic interplay. In the vein of acts like The PixiesTablefox manage to find a delicate balance between the loud and quiet on ‘Right or Wrong’, and it is hugely effective. Vocalist Clint Bell commands attention with his powerful voice, an anchor which allows the song to flourish.

The band gave us a little bit of insight into how the gorgeous, moody video for ‘Right or Wrong’ came to be, and the thematic thought process behind it.

We always felt the song had a real live and intimate feel to it- almost like the band is playing in some small American bar in a movie scene. It needed a live stage feel to it to compliment that sound; we had gone for that feel in the production of the track itself. The song is actually about two people that no longer have anything in common, the certain tension and conflict that accompanies that and how sometimes no-one is at fault.

There is very much a feeling of black and white, contrasts- ‘Right or Wrong’. We wanted to emphasise that with the visuals- using the strong monochrome vibe and expressing the conflict with the chess cuts, the beauty of the ballerina versus the boxers. That imagery really captures the push and pull between both the subjects of the song. The song was originally written by Clint on a stunning acoustic he was gifted by his parents (the band’s BIGGEST fans).

It was one of those times where the guitar just seemed to have a song waiting to come out. Every so often the band will click instantly on a new track with all the band knowing exactly where the song needs to go. ‘Right or Wrong’ was absolutely one of those times.