Toowoomba’s breakthrough country rock outfit Suicide Swans have made waves throughout Australia recently with the release of their single ‘Horses’, and a well received show at BIGSOUND. Tomorrow, the band will release their debut album Augusta for the world to hear. But if that’s too long to wait, fear not, because we’ve got it right hear for your ears to feast on before the official release. We also had the band break down the album for us track by track, to give us a little bit more insight into the nature of the release.

1. Horses

The songs about people ‘who are invisible’ where you have an attachment / relationship to them but at the same time feel nothing. The song uses metaphors of holiday vacations, my house getting broken into (did happen), thoughts racing through your mind like horses stampeding – are all events where events and memories blind you and you can’t think straight. Thus the imagery is a way of painting an abstract collapsing image of trying to make sense of everything rushing around in your head without really seeing any answer or clear direction. At the end of the chorus the line of ‘you’ll probably see that I don’t care’ sums up the entire song of just saying at the end of the day none of it means anything and essentially we are alone.

2. Let Me Be

This songs about trying constantly to be better a husband/partner and just feeling like its never going to happen and realizing that you will fail and so you give in to the inevitability of the situation and the songs is about trying to apologize but also say why apologize when you felt it was so obvious

3. Wall

This is a really direct song about basically looking at your partner / wife/husband and thinking at any moment they are going to throw you away / ruin / crush you in some way e.g. the lyric ‘you were the writing left on the wall’  – as if stating it was obvious from the start that the fall was always going to happen

4. Easy Heart

This about giving over yourself to someone else in an unselfish way but in the process feeling really isolated and not knowing what your suppose to do and who you are now even though you are devoted to that person and would do anything for them.

5. Yearling

This song is about transition where you are moving together but then become separated through the transition e.g. the idea of being friends, forming a relationship, breaking apart and/or one partner leaving/dying and how the person left behind becomes an island off the coast never really being able to come home. The song switches between two different characters and a back and forth between the two experiences.

6. Canyons

A really traditional alt-country/Americana song about having a relationship and living in a city and the relationship you form with that person and how it’s mirrored in the relationship you then have with your immediate environment aka the city. The song switches between discussing your personal relationship with your partner and then how you see this also in the place you live. Its like how when everything is going bad you see everything ugly about a place and when its going well you kind of don’t see anything because you’re in a blanket of blissful denial.

7. Broken Lines

This song is about the idea of coming to terms with your public persona and your private persona and how the two sit parallel to each other. In many ways it’s about trying to understand who you think you are compared to what people think you are compared to what you would like to be / become. The title describes this process as broken lines of thought that are built within truth and lies and how everything is a collage of both of these things.

8. Come and See

This song is about waking up everyday and going through the same routine day after day and not realizing anything has changed and within such a process you lose who you are and what you believe in. Its like how people in cities have become ants that scurry from one place to the next without thinking about ‘what does it all mean’, and finally one day considering the idea that to maybe find something you have to lose it all.

9. Pleasanton

This song is titled after the city south east of San Francisco, California – ‘Pleasanton’ where I grew up. Essentially the song is about the idea of being separated from someone you love and the feeling of dislocation that comes from being away from them when they are going through something you have no control over. In this case it was my American mother who lived in Pleasanton and was dying of stomach cancer and the terminal feelings that ensured as I was living in Australia and she was there. As well as this the song was about trying to also describe what my American father and brothers were also going through while caring for my mother. However all these feelings also entail universal themes of feeling helpless and trying to find control within something uncontrollable.

10. Nurse

This was initially based on an artist friend of mine from New Zealand who died of cancer in his forties. The song isn’t necessarily based on him ‘as biography’ but rather is about how when people are faced with a kind of end, what do they face emotionally, mentally when they see the end but try and remember the path, events and memories that sit within themselves and how these two sit together as a way of collating who they are and what is happening to them in that moment. But also it’s about trying to paint a picture of describing the event as a bystander.