We’re very excited to premiere ‘Low Pockets’ today.

This neo-soul, funk-pop track by Rigidy Rourke and The Love Dogs features the powerful pop vocals of Tina Behrsin, the front woman of Niine who cites her influences as The Pixies and Radiohead— noticeably bringing a sensual indie flavour to her sugary notes. Behrsin’s voice glides over the slick production and funky bassline, which will have you madly tapping your foot and swaying your hips in unison. The sound builds up until she passionately bellows the lyrics and you’re left with a feeling of satisfaction, finding yourself immediately running the track back again. It’s nothing meticulously technical or crazy, just good song writing and infectious production. Fans of dynamic and fresh Melbourne funk acts such as the Cactus Channel will find something to love in this melt-in-your-ears track.

The gang is launching their single at quintessential Melbourne Bar 303 in Northcote on September 21st; stopping to make an appearance at Sea Shepherd Melbourne’s Stand Fast Festival on the 23rd and will finish up at Baha Rye on October 14th to support Brian El Dorado And The Tuesday People. Catch them if you can!