‘Dancing With Mannequins’ is the debut EP from indie pop/rock band Ra Ra Ruby. The Pottsville, NSW-based band perform rough and ready rock with a clear influence of the early-00s and the 90s, though with a modern twist and flavour. Their straightforward tracks hark back to the time-honoured traditions of songs for drinking to or attempting to sing along to in your car. The boys’ songs’ deviate little from the themes of girls and sex, as you might be able to tell from track titles like ‘Undress’ and ‘Her’, but there’s a good reason that so many songs are about sex, right?

Each of the songs showcase the tight interplay between Ra Ra Ruby‘s punchy bass sound, overdriven guitars and assertive drums, but they never forget those achingly melodic vocals which offer a lush, memorable quality.

The four song EP is officially released this Friday, hear it here first.