Phoebe Dubar‘s ‘Pushing On’ is a feel good, punchy, joyful and funky gem which sounds like it was plucked straight from the 80’s. The colourful synthesiser tones, persistent beat, musical intricacies and Dubar’s stunning, soulful vocals combine to allow for a truly delightful affair.

Though ‘Pushing On’ is her first official release as a solo artist, Dubar is no stranger to making music. She has made a name for herself as a founding member of the galactic soul trio PASSERINE, a project which also highlights Dubar‘s love of all things funky. ‘Pushing On’ was produced by Amin Payne, and the resulting track is full of unique complexities, and anchored by a distinct groove that just makes the listener want to move. The only downside of a track as good as ‘Pushing On’ is that you might overdose on fun.

Get your boogie on with this one.