Sagamore is like that dreamy summer fling you have that includes late nights on the beach, dancing in the park and not wearing shoes. After a couple of years exploring the world and developing their sound, Sagamore are back with the first track ‘Pearl Of The Sky‘ off their upcoming debut album release Charlemont Reef. Band members Sam, Soph, Casey, Monty and Chris formed in 2013, having released 2 EPs since then and forming a strong and endless connection with their fans. Creating this body of work hidden away in the secluded Aireys Inlet, it’s just the thing you need to pull you through your winter blues.

The 5 piece band  from a coastal town in Victoria  have an energy and romanticism about them – their music feels like a heartfelt hug. Fitting in somewhere between the genres of indie, pop, rock, roots, and alternative, ‘Pearl Of The Sky’ which was released on Dusky Tracks, is a perfect summary of their style, and will have you head bopping and hip shaking until their album drops.

The track features a psychedelic guitar riff, beautifully moody vocals, and a horn passage that cuts through the track which will leave you smiling from ear to ear. There is an overwhelming sense of nostalgia to the track and it is surely set to supersede the success of their last release Longer, which came out in 2014. The group will be performing this one live at The Grace Darling Hotel on Friday the 1st of September, grab tickets here.