Audiences increasingly want musicians to be relatable and likeable, and we want to feel like the people who are writing our favourite songs are our friends. Patrick Wilson gives the audience exactly that feeling with his sweet new video for the track ‘Nobody’ .

The video for this catchy single from the forthcoming EP, ‘Anywhere With A Rooftop’ is set in a typically quaint suburban share house. Wilson subtlety displays his impressive multi-instrumental talents while he listlessly wanders around this sparse domestic space. Complete with milk crate furniture and mismatched mugs, the romantic homeliness of the location matches perfectly with the earnest emotion of this track.

Nobody’ is an infectious alternative country song with a soulful heart, lashings of swing and smooth vocals. Heavily inspired by the music of 1960s America with generous helpings of rockabilly twang and hints of Roy Orbison “doo-wop.” If you like what you hear Patrick Wilson and the Bare River Queens’ EP is out 22nd September 2017, independently on Bandcamp.