The Korky Buchek boys want you to get weird with their raucous debut EP In Outer SpaceThe album draws on an eclectic mix of 90’s electronica, rock, hip hop, and pop that’s guaranteed to skyrocket the energy of any busy dance floor.

The Sydney Hills duo has cut their teeth on the party scene, going from DJing house parties to landing massive gigs like California based HARD festival. In Outer Space reflects that boisterous, good-time spirit.  The album begins with a bang with Pull Your Pants Up, a pulsing, synth-heavy banger reminiscent of mid-noughties electro house.

Keeping On is another sure-fire dance hit, with a thundering bass line, warbling, distorted synth, and high pitched disco vocals. The combination of stomping bass and psychedelic synth conjures up images of dusty dance floors, practically teleporting listeners to the depths of a doof.

Korky Buchek’s tunes have been grabbing the attention of industry tastemakers, and if this explosive EP is anything to go by, they’re going to keep boogieing their way through the industry ranks.

You can buy tickets to catch them at Sydney’s Chinese Laundry on March 16th here.