Following on from two rock-solid singles, South-African born, Australian raised rapper KG packs a punch with his new video for the track ‘Mabo, Martin, Mandela’, a steely subversion of the current racial climate in much of the Western world.

Sampling news anchor segments and delivering uncompromising lyrics, ‘Mabo, Martin, Mandela’ pulls no punches in its critical questioning of racial discrimination and profiling in today’s world. With previous singles ‘All Black’ and ‘Forgive Them’ already receiving praise from the likes of Triple J’s Hip Hop king Hau Latukefu, KG continues to cement his place not only as a rapper, but also as a social justice advocate.

KG has no patience for ignorance in the song’s confrontation of taboo topics, including racism and apartheid, collaborating with NIMA ‘New Talent of the Year’ and Bad Apples artist Philly to produce resolute and unsparing lyrics: “still claiming ignorance, nah it’s time to call them out”.

For KG himself, the title of the song is a call to action as much as it is an emotional homage to his own role models, and he had this to say about the video:

Mabo Martin Mandela is probably the realest and most meaningful music project I’ve worked on in my career. Everyone who contributed to the video, brought their own emotion on set knowing the story and power behind the song.  To perform the song on set with Philly for the first time was dope as we bounced so much respect and energy off each other.” 


KG will bring the track to life on tour this month, after already having supported major artists Lupe Fiasco, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Ice Cube.

Check out the dates below to catch KG on tour in Australia.


Friday October 6  The Gasometer Hotel Melbourne

Wednesday October 25 Transit Bar  Canberra I I I I I