Get ready for the summer, because it’s arrived early, as heralded by this chill bop from Jesse Porsches. A sound which succeeds at reigning the sunny vibes in as the first signs of the warmer season shimmer over the horizon. ‘The Weekend’ is the perfect song to fantasize about tanned, mane-haired people frolicking in glistening waves. Plus it would sound dope on any summer party playlist, or cruising aimlessly with the roof down.

Inspired by Cashmere Cat/Møsun’s light-heartedness, the sun-soaked video was shot and edited by Tatjana Hamilton. DJ and producer Porsches said the “idea was to give a perfect stranger an almost personal insight into my life”. We get a glimpse inside his world; his favourite foods, how he likes to spend his time, and the type of person he is. This really humanises the human behind the music – sometimes we can forget that the artists who create the incredible work we are so privileged to consume are people just like us, and a video like this really drives that relatability and familiarity home. Check it out below.

Jesse Porsches is on tour now, and you can catch him on the following dates:

Woolongong North Gong – Sunday Oct 15

Central Coast Proud Marys – Saturday Oct 28

Bali Mrs Sippy –  Sunday Oct 29

Canberra Spilt Milk –  Saturday Nov 25 (Super Cruel)