Melbourne singer/songwriter Jess Fairlie returns with her latest single ‘White Coats’ – a delicious blend of pop soul and indie, with a funky vocal rhythm. its a sultry nod to the soul funk that legends Stevie Wonder and Ricki Lee Jones have embraced through their music artistry.

Yet the track is more than just a simple slice of contemporary soul. Throughout its entirety Fairlie explores a unique blend of sounds, with each verse marginally different from the next. But the big star here is all in Fairlie’s vocal power – a curious bellow used to explore the lyrical theme of the track that is the inquisitive nature of our inner thoughts and the way they reflect on ourselves as humans – whether we try separate ourselves from them or let them define us.

Fairlie’s voice has an insanely alluring quality that never overstays its welcome, but perches to your ears like a fish to a hook and line – it’s like watching an acrobat perform tricks, teetering on a razor thin tightrope, only to land with climatic ease – you’re immensely curious, but just can’t look away.

You can check out ‘White Coats’ below.