The debut single from Hen is a luscious future pop affair, showcasing her powerful, assertive voice, and poetic lyrics. She explains that Raincoats was written as some kind of spring cleaning for my view on the world. I just wanted to chase all those preconceived notions out so that I could know myself again. The Raincoats I’m referring to are my instincts, the ones that should protect me but were so confused by all the baggage from my past”. 

The stunning and humorous video plays like a Wes Anderson film as it explores the cruelty that we inflict upon ourselves in the form of guilt and self deprecation, and how our spirits can overcome that challenge. The sun soaked tones of the video sit perfectly with the track. Hen explains that “the video is built out of a lot of layers. I’m not even sure I’ll ever realise all of them. The first one is that the tree is a physical expression of myself. It’s that strength that you somehow find right at the bottom of your barrel when you think all strength is gone. It’s that sense of self that cannot be shaken or altered and when everything else is gone, or broken, it’s still there, keeping you going”.

HEN will be joining Rachael Leahcar on her national tour on the following dates throughout the country. 

Friday 10th November THORNBURY THEATRE Melbourne  

Sunday 12th November RIVERSIDE THEATRE Sydney

Sunday 19th November THE GOV Adelaide

Friday 24th November THE OLD MUSEUM Brisbane

Thursday 30th November  ELLINGTON JAZZ CLUB Perth