Hailing from Alice Springs in central Australia, BADMATHS are a band trying to revive the forgotten art of “Nu Metal”. Band members Tom Burch, Alan Dyer, Sam Hill and Ashley McDonnell (Their initials make up the name BADMATHS) have released the video for their new song ‘Definition’.

Filmed in the wide open spaces of Alice Springs, ‘Definition’ sees BADMATHS perform their unique infusion of metal, hip hop, punk and garage rock to create a sound that will have lovers of the good ol’ days of Nu Metal grinning from ear to ear (and banging their head hard).

What started off as a couple of mates meeting up for some impromptu rock and acoustic hip hop jam sessions, BADMATHS soon expanded from two to three and eventually four best friends just making music together. It wasn’t long until the band felt they were onto something fresh and got writing and recording more material.

Having previously released ‘Trapt’ and ‘Thanks For The Day’ over at Triple J Unearthed, this new track ‘Definition’ combines the driving bassline’s and heavy percussion’s of metal with a strong rap flow that is heavily inspired by rock/rappers from the 90s.