SoundCloud sweetheart and Los Angeles native Audreytina (aka Audrey Ellis) has been busy, and we are stoked to be premiering her hard work here at Speaker TV. You can check out her brand new track Mr. Tuxedo’, a gorgeous number brimming with personality, charm and appeal below.

Audrey is one talented young lady. Not only does she make music, but she is also a filmmaker, a writer, an actor and an artist. She has an ivy league education from Brown University in music and film, and also studied at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She has an affinity for writing and producing, as she describes it, “haunting dark pop lullabies with a snarky edge.” This apt description sums up the nature of her brooding and simmering music quite well. Audrey wrote produced and performed the entirety of ‘Mr. Tuxedo’ aside from the guitars which were played by Robb Torres.

With just over 900 followers on SoundCloud and 50,000+ listens, Audrey is quickly making her mark. ‘Mr. Tuxedo’ is quite a dark song about lust and mental illness, wrapped up in a catchy and idiosyncratic pop song. Lyrics like “how many more years till you commit suicide and drop dead” and “I wanna take you home, put on the Rolling Stones and cry about how we’re alone” are disguised with happy inflections and an uplifting beat. It is both charming and disturbing at the same time. This, along with quirky, melancholy Lana Del Rey-esque vocals is purely genius. We can’t wait to hear more from Audreytina.